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18-08-2017 Nồi Hơi Đốt Củi

Pressure clock clock . Pressure pressure with footer footer, foot after. Dong ho do ap suat. Xuất xứ đo áp suất đồng hồ từ Hà Lan. Công ty Hưng Phát is đại diện of hãng chuyên sản xuất đồng đồ đo áp suất Stiko (Hà Lan). Metering đo speed rate for high quality.

áp suất đo áp suất ảnh

Pressure clock clock used to be many in the current host. With the date as the date, the painting and the family painting for the life of the lines of the quality of the price of the price to the price. In which, the Stiko of Hà Lan is where products output pressure types .

Print output strings, we we still usually or capture the variables like: c og variable variable 4-20ma , temperature sensor … And they usually or go with the 4-20ma split sets for PLC control or SCadar control. Ngoài ra, at the tank or the pipe or we need to be have a valid pressure clock. This clock will be displayed with the current price of the current metal. Giúp chúng ta dễ dàng theo dõi an ninh hệ thống và bảo mật.

Configuration of the pool pressure

The lots of the Vendor is too many in the output of the clock output. Each where will be produce a different styles. But most they are same as the same basic build.

đồng hồ đo áp suất của hãng Stiko

Configuration of the pool pressure

Based on the top, we we will be guessing a simple profile configuration. However, on fact, dong ho do ap suat has not configured.

config Bourdon đo áp suất

You will be unexpected when really be know a that the clock that the profile that is already created from multiple components as above. However, any for the understand, they have they are they like the following components

  • Clock clock: includes protection protection, inside the needle and the split item to display the values values
  • Shell protected: regular as made inox
  • Transmission section: this main is where got the hub from the connect and pull needle
  • Foot connections: made with same or inox
  • Pressure in pipe: for water gauge, the water will be push into the full tube and push the translation. When water down the low level, the low size in the pipe to take the needle will be draged by.

Basic activity of mechanical pressure clock

Same as the call name, the basic pressure clock will the traffic on the resource. With the saving of flow (water, oil, compressor …), save the len into the pipe and making the extended pipe. When saving the more as more, apply the large as making for multiple space expansion and push more. Reverse back, the storage will be make a coppy and metal run down.

Need to save what when the clock is not allowed to apply?

1) Pressure sequence to measurement

Apply many many different units are such as: Mpa, bar, psi … Options to another output that they will produce the clock type with different units. However, common units are related related and transitions with nhau. Ví dụ: 1 Mpa = 10 bar. Vì thế, if in the case does not have a unit type expected, they can still select another type for suit.

For the dong ho do ap suat của hãng Stiko (Hà Lan), clock meter with unit bar. Many many many sequence are different like: 0-4 bar, 0-10 bar, 0-16 bar, 0-25 bar, 0-40 bar …. They we need to select the clock type that are a sequence is greater than active value that we need to measurement. Ví dụ: requires a pipe pressure with pressure from 0-1.6 Mpa, should choose the clock type from 0-4 Mpa. In field does not have a Mpa clock, we we can be complete the selected type 0-25 bar instead.

2) Connection

Very many many types types are connected. The footer connections type will be according to a regular format. Regular for 80mm clock of the clock will be connected with the G1 / 4 “, G1 / 4” NPT, G3 / 8 “, G3 / 8” NPT …

For the face to be up from 100mm, will be categories type: G1 / 2 “, G1 / 2” NPT, G1 “….

3) Connected connection

connections connections connections

This thing also important. Regular will have 2 type is footer and footly on the images. We need to and select the precision when purchase the clock meter .

4) Other information

External weight on. When select the clock, we should need a note another other as:

  • Vạch split of thang đo: for the exact precision, should choose the clock type with the scally small.
  • The environment requires measurement is usual: regular should be need to mind to this information. However, when measurement of the quality as acid, the quality should be choose the physical is 316L or 316 Ti.
  • Clock clock has no disappoint or no.
  • The environment of nhiệt độ cần đo.

Application of áp suất clock

áp suất clock clock

Image details of the details of áp suất clock

Based on the top on we may be easy format your app. Clock clock will be mounted on the tank, pipe … help we got one directly. From which, security supervator and Maintenance will be become, simplated.

The selection of a valid scale for the clock will be help for the simple transaction transport. Keep the current active device and details for the host of the host.

With the shared share, that that that will be help for you have add a comment about the clock pressure. From which, you can choose a fit type for your computer. Defence in the post cannot be do the wrongbacks. You are suggestions to add below to add more add nhé.

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