Đồng hồ đo 100mm inox clock on clock is 100mm; and all materials are inox or call is stailess steel. Is Inox type is in use in the common meter that inox is inox 304 and inox 316L. Disconnect of the clock of the clock pressure are also both types are connections; footing connection in inox. Thông thường dong ho do ap suat inox mat 100mm, outside clock clock with inox 316L; even connections are also inox 316L inox.

 100mm inox for clock

Đồng hồ đo áp suất đồng hồ inox 100mm 6325 – Suku / Đức

 Digital Info of the SUDP inox 100mm inox on line onox

  • The clock of the clock of the beam is 100mm
  • Clock of all data in with 316L in all connections.
  • 100mm inox on clock with the oil for the rung động on mount on pipe mount. Oil in pressure clock is glycerine for normal environment; if the environment fields must be fill with the oil in the food.
  • The 100mm inox of the clock of the clock of the 100mm inox with the full screen. Tức là is too apply or external operation; the clock of a lens will be specified, will a beam will be specified to a small kernel as the ô tô.
  • The clock after the clock has a lid containing the output of hole when too applied; in the case is too apply, the cap will be bung out the clock not write when not applied the last pressure.
  • Some element should be saved when select the clock meter that the connection type are only: foot after or sincing
  • Inox 100mm inox clock clock with pressure rate from 0-0.6bar for 1600 bar with invalid number 1% for standard type & 0.5% when need to over.
  • Temperature in offset of 100mmC inox 100mC if you want to over the high temperature might select option up to 200oC.
  • Inox 100mm inox on clock at standard standard 4854; for the oil type & no IP 65 for the oil type.

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