Pr3102 converter converter used to convert pt100 probe nhiệt độ on line 4-20ma or 0-10v.
PR 3102 converter

The function of the Pr3102 conversion nhiệt độ is:

The temperature temperature converter 3102   (Switching temperature pt100 Pr 3102) receiver the input mode Pt100 2, 3 or 4 sensor, and provide a line or apply.
Pr3102 conversion temperature may can be mounted on the area area or in the Zone 2 / Section 2 area., Is checked for the marine applications applications.

SPECET SPECIAL Converter Pr3102 temperature (Pt100 temperature converter)

  • Linh hoạt 24 ConnectDC (± 30%) (Switching temperature pt100 Pr 3102).
  • Time response 30 ms fast with an error sensor while when selection. Couldn’t select time response to 300 ms when the required signal required is required.
  • The high precision in all of range available, better than to 0,1% of beat.
  • Đáp ứng các khuyến nghị NAMUR NE21, các 3102 cung cấp hàng hiệu đo lường hiệu suất trong EMC environment variable.
  • Device is đáp ứng NAMUR NE43 standard specified from the range and the sensor error.
  • One light LED colors green tree can be found only the current state of the unit and the input sensor.
  • All first device is protected against error too apply and the extra.Tuyệt vời tỷ lệ tiếng ồn / lượng tiếng ồn> 60 dB. Installation / installation / set

Easy option to install the configuration configuration for more 1000 the printer maker is fixed. Invalid 6 mm mount 165 mount mounted on each DIN rail meters, which does not need any space space Pr3102 temperature converter.
Wide environment environment range -25… + 70 ° C.

Nhiệt độ chuyển đổi nhiệt độ Pr3102 Phạm vi nhiệt độ, Pt100 -200… + 850 ° C Nhiệt độ
chuyển đổi Pr3102 có độ chính xác, RTD: s0,1% span or 0,2 ° C Nhiệt
độ hệ thống, RTD : as 0,02 ° C / ° C or ≤ ± 0,01% / ° C
Current variable, RTD <150 μ A
sensor cable, RTD <50 Ω each strings
Ảnh response of sensor cable resist (3 / 4- wire), RTD <0.002 Ω / Ω
Feel the
current error variable, RTD Available through the switch switch Transformer variable is found> 800 Ω
Feel the current variable is missing <18 Ω

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