The price of the conversion signal on the day of the date that many many mounters and the selected Company does not need to the selected high precision. Bo chuyen doi tin hieu nhiet do gia re be them tôi nhập trực tiếp – phân phối duy nhất tại Việt Nam.

bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu nhiệt độ giá rẻ K121

Image Transformer for the price of the price

bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu nhiệt độ giá rẻ T120

Modifier switch giá rẻ gateway DAC110 on the sensor head

The conversion speed temperature conversion has two type type on the top of the input & type on the panel. This is two type, which is on direct on the first sensor over and make an absolute policy over the type in the cabinet.

The priority of the exchange signal on the direct of the Gateway MST110 online on the variable:

– Top of the best price field in Vietnam

– Export xứ MUesen – from Germany

– Sai 0,1%

– Install with standard HART device or your device

– Large quantity to be available & they are an toàn

– Device converter of the temperature has enough 18mm thick than is many many so with other conversion signal in other field

Limit mode of the price mount token signal for the switch MST110 on the first sensor:

– Response time 1s

– No cach ly – not disturb

The priority of the switch for the price of the PR3333 for the price for the price:

– Top of the field price for field mounted

– Xuất xứ PR Electronics – Đan Mạch chuyên về chuyển giới nổi tiếng thế giới

– Sai 0,1%

– Time response 300ms

– Install through switch on device

– Not required source for device

– Function EMC anti against internal device

– Device you convert the temperature of the 6mm precision for details for the mount space

Limit mode of the PR3333 for the price in the price for the price:

– No device device

Problem to convert the price temperature conversion, please contact me:

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