Sensing the đo the sound with negative superblock is what?

Sensing the đo the sound by negative superb sound is a small measurement device, inside it containing a super audio converter and a electronic module. The use of conversion, the superbonic sóng will be lan to the physical surface, the following convert will recover the superbusion sóng echo and the given module power processing.

Based on the lan truyền sóng radio time and deprecating, the electronic module will be average and the current offset to the output specified is line or apply.

Speak a easy easily to over the measurement of the noise values with the superbsponic will specify a positive of the audio containing the super audio superblock and the output signal is mA or V.

On the current field is very many types for the  like: measurement by phao, measurement by lens to, rung level … This type with the following point is still next with the physical requires a wrong error to be wrong after a short time used.

Other types with the type, the conductors with the maximum sound superbly with the high precision, strip up to 20m and no continue to take up with the physical need to be highly height.

Sensitivity variable with negative superbonic

Image image of negative superbonic

Measurement type sensor with negative superblock:

The target targets is used for the measurement of the quality of the quality of the quality of the one of the one of the one way of the shared machine. In this post, chúng tôi sẽ đề cập đến cam bien làm bài hát trong bài hát để đo chất lỏng (nước thải, nước …) ULM-35.

Feel the đo the quality of the best negative audio

Where are this post, they will be show of the ULM-53 của Dinel. This is the quality of the quality of the common used of the current common.

negative sensor by negative superbonic

Sensing the đo the audio with ULM-53 superblock

ULM-53 technical information

  • Dải đo: 0,25 … 20m (line option)
  • Line source: 12 mA
  • Source source: 18 … 36 Vdc
  • Enter the line: 4 … 20 mA
  • Apply out: 0 …. 10 V
  • Sai: under 0.2%
  • Nhiệt độ hoạt động nhiệt độ: -30 …. + 70 ° C

Set installation and setting manual will be displayed in the following sections …

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