Metering clock clock. Discount on the clock gauge . Dong ho ap suat mat vuong. Electric mountbar on clock. Minions measurement measurement, compression with square meter clock. Dong ho do ap suat gia re. Metering metimeter clock out of europe. Electric mount square profile metimeter.

squash clock clock

We may easily can capture an pressure at the clock at the host, the nice. In the pressure of the application pressure, the boiler, the compression compression to be used to them. Regular, the clock pressure with the round of different line. Only one in the case special as the mount on the case, should be used to the currency clock type .

Show on field field has many many clock maker. Một số hãng nổi tiếng trên thế giới như: Wika, Wise, Stiko. Most of the quality of the vendor that are equivalent to and prices to also too many.

Pressure rate clock with many categories like: the clock meter, the clock metimeter clock, the square …. Custom target targets that we will choose the product for the suitable.

Stiko standard performance clock clock

configing square environment clock

As thiết kế đặc thù reserved for lắp trên words or the bề mặt phẳng and will be the clock áp suất mặt vuông no cấu tạo khá đặc biệt like hình trên. Some message of the clock áp suất mặt vuông hãng Stiko:

  • Material: steel not 316
  • Size: 72×72 mm, 96×96 mm, 144×144 mm, 192×192 mm
  • Normal connection: 1/2 “, 1/4”, 1/8 “, 3/8” BSP / NPT
  • Privacy protection: IP45
  • Dãy đo: has multiple sequence number from -1 … 600 bar, -4 …. 150 mbar
  • Sai: 1%
  • Clock clock as effect by good time
  • Shell with steel don’t 316
  • Temperature temperature: max 100ºC (siphon siphon if over temperature than)

Application of the clock window scale

application side clock clock application

The clock of the pool pressure clock used multiple used for different measurement applications. However, it is used to be mounted to the mount into the top screen. Regular in the application, the clock pressure will be included by the pressure variable . Lý do là do áp suất đo áp suất for the current rate of the server not specified to the output control. Do đó, to use to add a matching variable sensor for system control.

External applications, has a different special fields that we have a prompt when the clock option. Ví dụ as the comment to the apply to measurement, environment needs; mount position; style …. You can see the select the current pressure at the clock. Đồng hồ đo áp suất⇐

Tóm lại, on field field has different many other pressure type. Do đó, to choose a product fit with request is not specified. The you should choose the supply of the provided of the given signal on the maximum mode mode. To be problem and support xin contact:

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