Transformed power to 4-20ma – signal switching conversion to the AC / DC transforming signal to 4-20ma to the power signal 4-2ma transform or height to line line 4-20ma.

power transformed to 4-20ma


Giống như other signal conversion, the transform device to 4-20ma is a missing device is not in the current output strings. The current action is made of single transformed to 4-20ma very simple, it will move from a signal effect or a width on the output and output the output 4-20ma on the output.


Image of the Transformer Transformed to 4-20ma

Bo chuyen doi dien ap sang 4-20ma can be convert to the power effect on a way and rotate. Expected calip and output output analog signal to the current điện áp.

The application of the transform device to 4-20ma

Failed to follow the electric source for the device needs to be required and the important of the computer host. Electric height or low over the power is very dangerous for the dynamic device. To monitoring with PLC or Scadar we have to take a input signal to analog type 4-20ma or Modbus RS485. To response that request, bo chuyen doi dien ap sang 4-20ma là hết sức cần thiết.

power transformed to-4-20ma

The application of the transform device to 4-20ma

Based on the top, we have been simple mutations effect of the transform of the power transformed to 4-20ma . We have able to look an easily one of any device device.

Digital information for the transformed to Sennhe 4-20ma

  • Source supply: 10 … 40 Vdc or 19 … 28 Vac (Z202) hoặc 85 … 256 Vạc (Z202-H)
  • Food Focus: 1.5 W
  • Ly thân: 4000 Vac
  • Sai: under 0,25%
  • Time response: 100 ms
  • Temperature temperature: -10 … + 65 ° C
  • Installation: DIP Switches
  • Dữ liệu vào: 0 … 500 Vạc, 0 … 540 Vdc
  • Đầu ra: 4-20 ma hoặc 0-10 V
  • Size: 17.5 x 100 x 112 mm

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