Conversion 0-10V signal to 4-20mA; used for conversion signal from the sensor with signal of 0-10V but the PLC receiver 4-20mA should be required with signal converter 0-10V to 4-20mA  .

bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu 0-10V sang 4-20mA

 Image Transformed signal 0-10V to 4-20mA K121

Switch 0-10V signal to read signal out of 4-20mA has an invalid signal. The 1.5 KVAC signal signal and response time than on 7ms; help the current traffic was always be no such as no time time.

Switch 0-10V signal to read 4-20mA allocate source 24V for the device feed & feed feed for the DIN Rail. If more multiple devices on DIN Rail, will be more than that the more source and the help lines.

The priority of the conversion 0-10V signal to 4-20mA K121

  • Giá of bộ switching signals 0-10V hát 4-20mA K121 giá much cạnh tranh trên thị trường.
  • The K121 switch signal has an signal between start and start.
  • Transformed 0-10V signal of the given to 4-20mA only 6mm; should not be very many space when mounting.
  • K121 switch signal has more function for the 1.5KAC signal and signal against signal; filter noise, filter the film.
  • Modifier signal 0-10V analog switching to 4-20mA row available in kho.

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