adapter thermocoupler convert to modbus rtuThermocouple signal conversion to Modbus RTU, Bo chuyen doi tin hieu Thermocouple to Modbus RTU, Thermocouple signal conversion to Modbus RTU from multiple gateway to mV and ngõ output as Modbus RTU signal.



Cặp nhiệt điện là gì?

Thermocouple is the common call of the categories of the types of the use of the temperature use for the temperature temperature from 500 ° C is up. Regular in this speed rate, we choose the selected device for the active function in the temperature. The Thermocouple convert the conversion will be suitable.

The thermocoupler signal conversion to modbus rtuThe thermocouple thermostat information

The Thermocouple signal conversion to Modbus RTU will receive signal from the thermocouple signal conversion and after the given signal out of Modbus for control. In field has many multicolor sensor, must be multiple temperature conversion, each temperature will be over 2 signal out of 4-20ma ngõ ra. If no over the thermocoupler conversion to modbus rtu, the output signal will be multiple strings, difficult in handle and control.

thermocoupler signal conversion to modbus RTU

The description of the thermocouple function description to the modbus rtu Z-4TC

Giống như nhiều analog analog switch to Modbus RTU other, Z-4TC also like dynamic, it will receive the direct signal on the direct signal from many many temperature variable (mV) and out the ngõ ra signal under modbus 2 strings (RS485). Nhưng khác nhau một chỗ, đó là Z-4TC suitable for measurement at the dãi nhiệt độ cao non other types.

Digital Skills of the Thermocouple signal conversion to Modbus RTU

  • Source activity: 10 … 40 Vdc or 19 … 28 Vac
  • Feeder Focus: 2.5 W
  • Cách ly: 1.500 Vạc (3 chiều)
  • Temperature temperature: -10 …. + 65 ° C
  • Set: DIN rail 35 mm
  • Enter to: 4 channel
  • Output: 2 strings (RS485) Modbus
  • Speed: up to 57.600 bps
  • Time response: <20 ms
  • Distance transfer: up to 1.200 m
  • Phần mềm: EASY Z-4TC

Application of the thermocoupler signal conversion to modbus rtu

thermocoupler signal conversion to ModBus RTU

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