PID control valve received signal from 4-20mA from PLC or the controller to control the temperature, pressure, saving … Adjustment PID has two type : pid control van with the compression and van PID control with electric.

Văn controlling PID bằng khí nén hay còn gọi is van controlling tuyến tính khí compression with the source cấp vào van is khí nén còn signals controls is signals analog 4-20mA or 0-10V .Van controlling tuyến tính khí nén has a fast response time, the high precision is not allowed by the van the control control by power.

configuration compression compression PID control van


            Image van điều khiển PID by KFM – Đức

PID control with KFM compression – Germany has quality to be mounteded in the OEM lines from other external in Vietnam as: dệt may, nhà máy, nhà máy thực vật, nhà máy chế biến gỗ. ..

To select the PID control van with the compression compression for more one after:

  • Size of pipe to mount van control
  • Save the Passing Driver
  • Maximum temperature through van to select Seal against xì phù hợp
  • Apply on the pipe on the pipe to choose the closed for actuator, if select the close by or smaller than Delta P, van will not closed the complete.
  • Save by van must response on the next design

van điều khiển PID KFMPID control valve

PID control with power KFM – Germany

Văn controlling PID bằng điện KFM – Đức hay còn gọi is van controlling tuyến tính bằng điện been assertion quality and độ fine cao khỉ used in the day chuyen the system nhà máy cám: CP, Proconco, Caril, Japfa …

Some information to select the van điều khiển PID with electric KFM – Germany:

  • Van control with the path of which much
  • Save by vanities control
  • Apply performance on pipe
  • Temperature control by van control
  • Runtime time of a PID control van with power KFM – Germany slow slow for the right for the phù hợp

PW KFM control control – German is distribution and regular by:

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