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clock 0-25bar

Hiện nay, clock đo áp suất have become and will be much phổ biến. Most application has related related compression, apply to have a valid pressure clock. Clock pressure 0-25bar is a portable application and be used for measurement below 25bar. Stiko đo áp suất 0-25bar of Stiko (Hà Lan) made in the boot line. Clock clock that has quality out of quality and high precision.

Digital information of clock rate 0-25bar

Clock 0-25bar metimeter with the physical activity like the other mechanism of the other clock type. Back to the bio activities you can see the post on the application about áp suất clock .

đồng hồ đo áp suất 0-25bar of the Stiko

For those requested khắc khe, clock đo áp suất 0-25bar of hãng Stiko Vendor for those điểm vượt trội như sau:

  • Vật liệu: inox 316LSS
  • Normal connection: 1/2 “NPT equivalent M21
  • Vision: 0-25bar
  • Sai: 1%
  • View clock meter: 63mm and 100mm
  • Clock clock with the tree, rung when measurement in environment field
  • Privacy Defence: IP65
  • Loại: chân đứng
  • Nhiệt độ quét hoạt động: -20ºC …. + 60ºC (for the maximum temperature application to use siphon shrink tube)

Hiện tại trên thế giới have many hãng sản xuất đồng hồ đo áp suất such as: Wika , Wise, Stiko …. Hầu hết quality of the type trên will tương tự nhau. Do that when select the apply for the clock meter that they should need to important about the price of the anyhome that has many differencies. The security type of mode is any such.

Application of clock 0-25bar

application of the clock 0-25bar

Một ứng dụng cụ thể of clock đo áp suất 0-25bar main is đo áp suất nước trên đường pipeline to the system làm lạnh Chiller. We have an easy hand below one clock below mount a pipe shrink. Do system is long lanh with the temperature of the clock meter. Do đó mount extra pipe shrink to make sure of the clock of the clock is allowed in the threshold.

Ngoài ra, còn many an application requires clock đo áp suất o-25bar such as: đo áp suất khí nén, đo áp suất lò hơi, đo áp lực …. Tùy vào purpose and environments to use but they are select type fit.

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