The full powder report. The fatizer variable variable . Cong tac bao day muc bot. The full level CLS-23N. Device ON / OFF ONLINE, powder million, cà phê, plastics …. Oil DLS-35N. BAT-27N variable variable on / OFF lime powder. Dinel DLS-27N full powder.

The full powder

The type of the sensor type, the current of the present of the current format. Application on option that they choose a suit fit. For the quality as powder; xi măng, which choose the suit suitable than that than that environment are many dust. If no to this problem, will select the wrong variable may not be given.

The large items as xi măng, vôi, bột, cám in the silo large, usually we choose the ON / OFF ON (OFF). There are more than ON / OFF measurement like: transform DF11, electric format DLS-35N, DLS-27N. Mỗi loại have ưu điểm riêng like công tắc báo đầy Mức bột DLS-27N applicable for silo contained nhỏ, kích thước nhỏ gọn dễ lắp đặt.

Digital information for the full message powder DLS-27N

Disclaimer DLS-27N full powder

The DLS-27N full powder is a power format ON / OFF on sensor . Because, outside the powder, the touch but may be may be different quality and other quality as: xi măng, cám, dầu, nước …. Ngõ ra DLS-27N là NPN relay, PNP, Switch. As images, we may be seen the status of the status.

A different DLS-27N is a different format and has to expand to 6m. Thông thường que đo of công tắc báo đầy Mức bột DLS-27N from 10mm … 100mm. Tuy nhiên, in one number of application can be scroll to the length of the 6000mm. External, the DLS-27N work of temperature is up to 200ºC, which has more than one so with type type.

Adjustment the full powder expression

DLS-27N other priority for the main rotation, is may be adjust of sensor sensor. Do đó, option into the environment requires measurement is what that they may be animation is changed. This is seen that the most offer at least counter.

The mount set DLS-27N Dinel full powder

Enter the full message powder DLS-27N

Same as other quality ON / OFF on the rule; DLS-27N the full template could be mounted on word type on on or out from silo into. Target targets used that they choose the fitting fitting.

Set the full powder report

For the specified on power off / OFF, then to set que que must be sure must be complete within silo. As images on, when mount DLS-27N on the down, the waiter must be complete within the silo.

Dinel Fill Full button

When mounted on the word style from outside in, should be sure avoid your raw dump into silo. As images, we use two DLS-27N to report full and report cạn. The mount DLS-27N is remote place to fill the powder. As new sure protection precision.

Tóm tắt, thực hiện nhiều ứng dụng cần đến DLS-27N full powder . Each the application will have private own and standard standard. Please liên hệ với chúng tôi để được tư vấn và hỗ trợ:

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