Van 4-20mA handle is used in the temperature control applications, pressure control, saving control … Van control 4-20mA are two type with van điều tiết 4-20mA and van điều control 4-20mA with power. The following application and the requested use that which choose the van 4en for a 4mA for phù hợp.

van compression 4-20mA

Moderation compression 4-20mA

Van điều khiển linear compression 4-20mA with fast fast point priority, high precision, use should be used in the width in the temperature control. For the compression is handle 4-20mA, force must have a compression source to allocating the pressure offset, pressure pressure pressure received with the 4-20mA control. Signal 4-20mA will be control for van running linear from 0-100% match with 4-20mA signal.

mount control on van 4-20mA

Modifier compressor on van 4-20mA

Van compression 4-20mA compression used in water, steam or thermal temperature … With fast response request, high precision, must use the compression control van. In the case to be accuracy to the high level, must use van 4-20mA with electric.

van 4-20mA van

Van 4-20mA control

Van 4-20mA handle with electric priority is not need to provide the compression source to specify power 220V or 24V for control, add 4-20mA add them for the control van điều khiển.


mount 4-20mA controller on van điều khiển

Set 4-20mA controller on van control with power

Line control valve is 4-20mA with any power of the next signal for the know of the van action at where. When closed van complete or open van complete, van also will tell the token via 02 action on van actuator.

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