Samson 3241 handler is used in the most common in public & most apps of water fields, nước nóng, nước lạnh, hơi nước (hơi nước). Samson Samson 3241 control is a model mang thương hiệu for Samson about persistence, use in multiple applications cũng như multiple different fields.

samson samson 3241

Van dieu khien Samson 3241 – co bóp

To active & to a complete van điều khiển, Samson 3241 driver must be insert a Acuator (compression) or actuator with power or tay vặn. When mounted with the actuator 3271 or 3277, van Samson 3241 driver will van van the driver control when adding with positioner. Go positioner we can select more many categories by the following request.

Các bộ định vị possible gắn trên van controlling samson 3241 : positioner samson 3730-0, positioner samson 3730-1, positioner samson 3730-2, positioner samson 3730-3, positioner samson 3730-4, positioner 3730-5, positioner samson 3730-6, định vị samson 4763, định vị samson 3766, định vị samson 3766, định vị samson 3780, định vị samson 3725, định vị samson 3731, định vị samson 3730, định vị samson 3785, định vị samson 3787 …

định vị samson 3730

Bộ định vị samson 3730 gắn trên xe samson 3241

When you mount the samson 3241 with the actuator with the phone, will be become the van điều khiển with the electric control . With this control, instead of the overflow source, we provide the 24VDC or 220VACites source with the 4-20mA signal for control.

thiết bị truyền động điện 3274

Samson Samson 3274

When you mount van Samson 3241 with model 3273, van Samson will be become van tay like the vanities in the system bypass.

Samson 3273 Vận hành bằng tay

Samson control 3273

With a body van Samson 3241, we can be mounted with many many actuator type to be different to multiple various van control type. Custom request, they can choose Samson control by the compression or van Samson control.

Tại sao lại sử dụng Samson 3241 điều khiển cho các loại thiết bị truyền động khác nhau?

Samson 3241 control was used width and for many applications because:

  • Materials with multiple options options for they select from Gang to to Inox or Hastelloy, Monel …
  • Van Surf from DN15 – DN250
  • Temperature temperature from -196 – 427oC
  • Basic connection: DIN, ANSI, Jik
  • Đóng gói bằng PTFE can chịu nhiệt độ -10oC đến 220oC
  • Multiple many KVS sequence

Hy vọng this post will help all more information about the Samson 3241 driver.

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