DF11 variable variable variable. The fatizer variable variable . Cam bien bao muc canh quay DF11. Silo alert variable variable . ON / OFF ON . Metering quality with rotation variable. Feel variable report . Cancel the rotation key . Sensor xi măng scale . Sensor xi măng mode .

The variable variable variable DF11

While silo, of silo status contains an hard quality. The solid quality can xi măng, cát, đá, ngũ cốc, bột, thức ăn gia súc …. Do đó, requires an must have a supplement type that reserved reserved for the application that. Regular, the method of the precision of the quality of the specified of the specified is ON / OFF. A ON / OFF sensor variable as rotation, power format, high frequency …

The variable variable of the DF11 variable is used in the popular variable for the high precision, low price. The action of the rotation variable is being an existing if the sensor will be turned and report about the central processing. Do đó, option to the silo big or small use of the DF11.

The information of the variable of the variable variable variable DF11

rolling variable variable variable of Df11 of Germany

On field field has more many the switch maker. Part large natural are export from Taiwan, China of the quality of quality. Do đó, when select the Transforming Transform on the turn on the Transformers to select the device of the famous famous from the Europe.

The variable of the DF11 variable of the Mollet is made output at Germany. Do đó, the sensor has high precision, enable stable and continu in long time. Một vài thông tin kỹ thuật của DF11 variable variable variable variable like:

  • Source source: 220 Vac or 24 Vdc
  • Temperature temperature: -25 …. + 80 độ C
  • Rotation Speed: 1U / min
  • Time response: 1.2s
  • Vỏ vật liệu: nhôm
  • Connection materials: nhôm
  • Rotate by inox 304
  • Length: 100mm

ignection the transform variable DF11 Mollet

In some applications, require the variable of the variable must be longer than one for standard. We are need to use more matching with a mong muốn size to drag the left rotation variable. With the defined, cam bien che muc canh quay DF11 very complre for the application app report: xi măng, cát, sữa, bột, hạt nhựa, thức ăn gia súc ….

CH BỘ CHIA TÍN HIỆU 4-20mA Z170REG-1⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐

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